With so many changes in technology lately, it’s hard to know if email is still the most relevant way to reach your customers— and we’re here to tell you that it most definitely is.

Don’t think of it as your grandmother’s email: e-blasts have become more advanced, targeted, and critical to any successful project launch.

If you’re not already doing email marketing, or unsure about how it helps business, then first think about traditional print & postal mailers. Print mailers require more time to be designed, printed and shipped, which is why they are typically better for ‘long tail’ projects. However, if you need a message to be sent in a more timely manner, e-blasts can be completed and sent out in a matter of few hours.

Not only does email marketing get the message out quicker, but its ability to be personalized helps grab readers attention and separate it from just more junk. For example, sending geographically-specific messages to groups of people, or even birthday/anniversary messages can prove fruitful for generating more website clicks or conversions.

Let’s not forget that email marketing produces incredibly precise and usable tracking information from your customers. There are so many different email marketing platforms that allow you to track how many people opened an email, clicked on specific links, forwarded the message, and more. Being able to draw conclusions from this real data not only helps you understand what emails work best, but also your business's ability to track sales and identity customer engagement.

Best of all, email marketing is extremely cost-effective and requires very little overhead. This means you can get better results from your next project launch by spending less! This simple and accessible marketing solution is here to stay, so if you haven’t been using email then now’s the time!

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